Pop Up Lab 2017

As a friend of Pop Up Lab 2017, we want to share the updated programme for their events in November.

Visit for more information.

Palace Pride

Cloudberry is pleased to support #PalacePride and their work to highlight the often hidden histories of LGBTQ individuals and communities.

On the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act 1967, we explore historical views on homosexuality and same-sex relationships. We consider how we present same-sex relationships in a historical context and ask how far does the language and rhetoric of the past influence our views on the present?

Pop Up Lab

Pop Up have invited Lisa to speak at a two day Pop Up Lab event at Peterborough. This is a practice-sharing conference for teachers, educators & literature professionals. Tickets, schedules and more details can be found on the Pop Up website.

Scoala Finlandeza Sibiu Conference

Thanks to Scoala Finlandeza Sibiu for posting this clip of Lisa at their conference.